The Latest WarZ Hacks

We have new features for our WarZ Hack including a new zombie shield which auto kills any zombie that gets too close for comfort.  This feature along can SAVE YOUR LIFE!  Mix it with auto heal and even a stray bullet is no match for your prowess. 

Try out these new features now, free of charge using our exclusive AP system.

Our VIP options include a new chat advertiser you might have noticed, these are walking proof that our hacks are legit and work excellently.  You won’t find more secure software anywhere.Image


WarZ Hacks Available

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our WarZ Hacks.  Try them now, absolutely free.  We offer the most features including our exclusive force headshot, infinite ammo, and that classic AugmentedSkills aimbot that everyone knows is the best!

WarZ Hacks

WarZ Public MultiHack

Finding loot with item esp, mowing down every zombie in the city with infinite ammo, or shooting that other hacker in the face with our aimbot is an unrivaled experience that you can only imagine until you try it.  Do you run out of bullets in a firefight?  Infinite ammo cures that.  Can’t hit your target enough?  Try our aimbot with No Spread and No Recoil, never miss another shot.  Too many enemies surrounding you? No problem – Rapidfire will solve all your problems.  No gun?  Don’t worry, with our exclusive Force Headshot feature you can walk through the horde of zombies with just a flashlight, combine with Rapidfire and become a zombie terminator!

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